Santa Paw’s Top 10 Pet Holiday Gifts

For all of you who are like us, last minute shoppers, here are some excellent gift ideas from our Airehide® Pet team for your fur babies! And, don’t worry, you can always pick them up for New Years, Valentine’s Day, National Dog Day, this list is timeless.

10. Stella and Chewy’s Pet Food

With a wide variety of options that have healthy, raw ingredients, Stella and Chewy’s strives to enhance the health of your pet. From kibble, treats and hemp oil supplement chews, they have a variety of products to ensure that your pet is receiving the correct vitamins and nutrients with every meal. “We do believe that raw is the pinnacle of animal nutrition and any amount of raw in a pet’s diet will have a meaningful and positive impact.” – Stella and Chewy’s

Winners of the 2019 Best-In-Class Nutrition for Pets Everywhere!

9. Prevue Pet Products Tinkle Turf System for Dogs

Training your new pup to use the outdoors as a bathroom instead of the house? The Tinkle Turf System makes it easy for puppies to understand the concept of using the grass rather than the carpet. The pee pad is replaceable in seconds and the turf can be sprayed off every few days.

8. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Peanut Butter Cup

Might be a pricey treat, but they are amazing! These sprinkle cookie treats are the best incentive for your pet to learn new tricks or learn how to sit and listen. Surprise them with a new treat for the holidays (or any days) and we can guarantee you they will catch on to training pretty quickly!

7. Adidog Tracksuit

Your pet needs to have some type of stylish apparel in its wardrobe. The Adidog Tracksuit will fit perfectly for morning walks alongside you. This will turn heads like no other!

6. K & H-Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed

We love our pets, but they seem to enjoy taking up the entire bed when we let them sleep with us. This pet bed is heated! Your pet won’t need to jump into your bed for a good night’s rest.

5. Paw Plunger Paw Cleaner

If your pet loves to destroy your yard and play in the dirt, this is the pawfect product to help keep your house clean! With different size cleaners, the Paw Plunger will suit anything from a Great Dane to a Yorkie. It is ideal for any size pet and will save your house, furniture, and car from those muddy paw prints.

4. Treatworx

Looking for new dog treats? Is your dog tired of the same treats every time? Well Treatworx has various types of jerky for your pet. With Liver Bites, Duck Jerky, Turkey Slices and more, Treatworx has you covered.

3. Varram Pet Fitness

This might be a bit more expensive than the others on the list, but it’s worth it! The Varram Pet Fitness will keep your pet entertained and healthy while you are not home. With a built in app, you can choose the route that the Varram takes around your house and how many treats can be dispensed from it.

The Varram is water resistant and can sense when your pet is no longer around. It is made of FDA approved, durable material so that it can handle rough housing and obstacles around the house. Why let your pet suffer from boredom at home when you can buy a Varram Pet Fitness?!

2. Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer / Be Forever Furless Brush

Have pet hair problems? Lilly brush can solve them. Their Mini Pet Hair Detailer removes the embedded short, wiry fur from cars, carpeting and upholstery. As the furminator is commonly used for grooming and pre-shedding, these tools work great to remove the leftovers.

The Be Forever Furless Brush cleans up the long and fluffy fur that sits on top of clothing, upholstery and carpeting. Get yours today to keep your house and car pet hair free.

1. Airehide® Pet Toys

Yes, we absolutely think that this is the perfect stocking stuffer! Made of BASF Infinergy material, our pet toys are durable and resilient giving it quite a long life span.

Our products are versatile allowing you and your furry friend to “bring back the joy of fetch” anywhere from the backyard to the lake.

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